What is Better For Gaming: Wired or Wireless Headsets?

Sound has become an important part of gaming to a point where a pair of great headphones can be the difference between wining and losing. Modern FPS games rely on sound as much as they do on fine motor skills.The real questions is which type of headphones to get? What is better for gaming, wired or wireless headsets? Today we’ll try to answer that question for you.

Audiophiles VS Games

One of the first things you’ll hear when it comes to headphones is that wired models are always going to provide a better sound than their wireless counterparts. Even today, that is true to some degree. However, what they don’t tell you is that these differences in sound quality mainly apply to high-end audio playback.

In other words, in order to fully experience the best in Hi Fi sound, you’ll need a pair of high-end wired headphones powered by a preamp, running a .flac file of your favorite artist. The question is whether you need that kind of performance for gaming? We think not.

Game Sense and Sound

Game sense can be described as one’s ability to recognize patterns of events in-game and anticipate their opponents next step. Sound just so happens to be one of the most important pieces of this puzzle. If you look at Counter Strike Global Offensive, sound is everything.

There are so many audible cues that can tell you what your opponent is doing. You can hear them walk or run, which gives away their position. You can hear them reload, pull the pin on a grenade, scope in and much more. Having access to this information can greatly help you make your next move.

Other games are more or less similar in this regard. Here’s the thing, though. You don’t need to have studio grade headphones in order to hear all of these cues. All you need is a good set of headphones. Because of that, wired and wireless will both work fine. All you need to figure out is which one of these works better for your specific needs.


Wired headphones are the old school, proven way getting good sound while gaming. They offer a few benefits over the wireless kind that have nothing to do with sound quality. Here’s a few:

– Price – Wired headphones are cheaper on average as running a cable is much more cost efficient for manufacturers than installing a wireless adapter.

– No additional power necessary – With wired headphones, you are getting all of the power from the source. There are no batteries to worry about or anything similar

– Compatibility – Even though Apple and Samsung are tirelessly working on killing the 3.5mm jack, most audio gear still runs on this golden standard. With wired headphones, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. You can use them on systems that are old or new.


Wireless headphones also bring a few awesome benefits to the table. Here are just the most obvious ones:

– Freedom of movement – Gaming can often times be quite emotional. Scoring that important kill might prompt you to jump up from your seat. In that case, it’s much better to have a wireless set than a wired one for obvious reasons.

– No damaged cables – Headphone cables can often times be the reasons why a good pair ends up in trash. They get damaged or severed quite often, which can be frustrating. With wireless headset, you just don’t have to worry about it.


Wireless versus wired headset is a discussion that doesn’t have too much to do with quality of sound. At least in terms of gaming. However, you need to figure out which of these works better for your needs. Find out if you’d rather save some cash and deal with the cable, or break free from those shackles and enjoy the freedom of motion?