The Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $25 - Top 7 Models To Choose From

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The big question we had before doing research for this article was: can you get a good mouse at a cheap price? After rifling through the gaming mouse market, we’ve found out that the answer is a resounding yes.

Sure, the high-end models offer premium quality and the top user experience, but it’s amazing just how much quality these budget devices offer for their price range. Overall, we’ve managed to find 7 of the best budget gaming mouse models. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the reviews.

Top 7 Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Models


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra smooth rubber sides
  • Dedicated DPI adjustment button
  • USB plug and play design


  • On the pricier side as far as budget devices go

Let’s start off with one of the highest value picks – the Enhance Infiltrate USB gaming mouse. This fella brings plenty of versatility to the table, offering a total of six programmable buttons, along with four levels of DPI (dots per inch) settings and some remarkable comfort – courtesy of the ergonomic design.

To get a bit more specific, we’d say that the DPI dedicated button is perhaps the best feature of this device. You can easily switch between DPI intervals, which makes it superb for gaming in particular.

The plug and play USB design of the Infiltrate mouse is also pretty convenient, as it substantially boosts its compactness. In terms of comfort, the item is ergonomically designed and packs some quite smooth rubber sides. It won’t slip from your fingers and it won’t make your hands sweaty.

Now, the only thing that you might not like about it is the fact that it’s just slightly more expensive than most budget gaming mice models, although its value for the cash is still through the roof.

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  • Dedicated DPI button with 5 selectable levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very compact and highly comfortable to use
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Energy-saving chip


  • A bit flimsy
  • Useless if you lose the nano receiver, so watch out

Moving onward, next on the list is FarSight’s 2.4G Gaming Mouse. Basically, FarSight’s model is perhaps, even a bit better than the Infinity because it comes outfitted with slightly more versatile features.

Once again, the device features a dedicated DPI switch. This time around, however, there are 5 levels for you to choose from. Additionally, the device offers wireless connection, which is certainly more convenient than a plain cabled USB connection. The problem with this type of connection, though, is that you’re in trouble if you lose the nano receiver.

As a wireless gaming mouse, the Far Sight model also boasts an energy-saving chip. There are several power-saving options at your disposal, and to top it all, the mouse itself consumes the least bit of power.

Last, but not least, the gizmo is very compact and fairly comfortable to use. However, in comparison to Infiltrate gaming mouse, this model is slightly flimsier and less comfortable as it doesn’t pack the rubberized sides. Nevertheless, there are so many benefits to be reaped if you opt for this one.

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  • Bleeding edge gaming sensors
  • Responsive with adjustable sensitivity
  • Decently durable construction
  • Gaming buttons positioned in convenient locations


  • Moderately comfortable to use

Up next is a representative of Logitech, the G203 Prodity. At first glance, the Prodigy appears as a very basic mouse. Some would even say that it was not meant for gaming. The truth is that it’s made from very durable plastic materials and that it packs a serious set of features.

One of the most notable things we should mention about the device is that it offers highly responsive 6000-DPI sensors, which we did not expect from a budget item. It’s pretty safe to say that it was tailor-made for gaming, mainly because of the professional grade buttons onboard. They’re subtly positioned in very convenient spots.

The only downside of the G203 Prodigy gaming mouse is that its comfort rating is mediocre, in a sense. It was entirely made of plastic and it’s plain, straightforward shape doesn’t provide any particular benefit in this field of performance.

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  • Attractive price, even for a budget gaming mouse
  • Fairly versatile
  • Plenty of programmable buttons and settings
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Rubberized sides


  • The mid wheel is slightly less durable

It looks very modern with the Chroma-RGB lightning effect which lights up as you game. Of course, this feature is optional, so if it gets in your way of playing you can easily turn it off with a simple click of a corresponding button.

There are eight programmable settings, as well as additional fire button which make it absolutely perfect for Battle Royal type games like Fortnite or Apex.

The comfort rating of this gaming mouse is incredibly high due to its ergonomic design. Furthermore, it features rubberized sides that provide a better grip. That also means that this is a perfect FPS gaming mouse.

As far as its durability is concerned, it’s made of highly robust plastic material, but the only thing people seem to dislike about it is the mid wheel. Apparently, after some period of use it tends to get a bit squeaky. Overall, the benefits this gaming mouse provides are more than enough to compensate for this little flaw. After all, you can always map your controls on some of the 8 buttons onboard. This might be the best gaming mouse under 100 dollars.

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  • A superb price
  • Numerous programmable buttons and lightning modes
  • Exquisite ergonomic design with molded plastic on the side
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Click buttons are a bit flimsier than the rest of the construction

If you’re low on budget yet you want the best gaming mouse you could get in the price point category of under 25 dollars, you should look no further.

The Redragon’s M602 wired gaming mouse brings a plethora of benefits to the table, such as the ergonomic design, programmable buttons, and high-tech RGB lightning features. First things first, there are seven backlight modes for you to choose from and seven different programmable buttons which are conveniently positioned across it.

Secondly, the design of the M602 is exquisite, to say the very least. Its right side is molded, so as to provide a better grip and additional comfort for the little finger while both sides are rubberized.

Its sensitivity is great straight off the bat, but the best thing about it is that you can adjust it even while you’re in-game. Moreover, the Redragon M602 is affordable, even by the budget price point category standards.

The only problem with it is that the click buttons overlap the construction, which means that they’re slightly less durable. Namely, after excessive clicking and after a period of time, this downfall will eventually lead to one (or both) click buttons getting broken. Nevertheless, if you’re an experienced gamer who knows how to maintain the mouse, it will remain in perfect shape for quite a while.

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  • Very reliable wireless connection
  • Energy saving chip
  • Quiet method of operation
  • Five adjustable DPI levels
  • Durable build


  • You could find a more comfortable gaming mouse for the buck
  • Useless if you lose the nano receiver

Next up is VicTsing’s wireless gaming mouse. Basically, this model isn’t really anything special if you compare it to the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars, but it holds tremendous value in comparison to the majority of low budget models.

Basically, it packs a stable, reliable wireless connection and packs an advanced energy saving chip. Furthermore, its buttons were purposefully designed to put out the least bit of noise possible, making it perfect for people who usually game from their home. There are five adjustable DPI controls at your disposable and four programmable buttons.

The best thing about this gaming mouse is the fact that it provides the benefits of higher end models without costing as much. Even though it’s pretty comfortable to wear, you could find models with superior ergonomic qualities for the money.

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  • Very responsive
  • Looks absolutely amazing
  • Highly comfortable to use
  • Seven DPI levels and seven programmable buttons
  • Available in five color variations


  • The big size makes it unwieldy for some games

Let’s wrap it up with Ajazz’ AJ52 Watcher. This is a genuinely unique gaming mouse in terms of aesthetics, but there are plenty of benefits it can provide in terms of performance as well.

First and most notably, this gaming mouse features seven levels of adjustable DPI and seven customizable side buttons. It’s fairly durable for a budget mouse too, although you should invest some extra attention if you want to prevent it from breaking.

The best thing about the Watcher is its comfort rating. Namely, the brand used advanced coating technologies to provide the most stable grip without hindering the overall comfort the mouse provides.

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What To Look For In a Budget Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are substantially different than standard consumer models that are widely used by pretty much everyone. In that respect, budget gaming mouse models are also substantially different from models from higher price point categories. When you’re looking for a budget model, keep a lookout for these elements:

Programmable features

The first thing that separates a gaming mouse from a standard one is that the former features programmable buttons. In fact, many gamers who still use consumer-grade mouse models would be glad if they had an extra button or two.


Pretty much every gaming mouse is made from plastic, but there’s difference between tough, durable plastic and flimsy types. You shouldn’t expect too much from budget models, although there are numerous gaming mice in this price range that excel in durability, such as the models that we’ve recommended to you in this review.


The performance of a gaming mouse is quite synonymous with its ‘responsiveness’. Basically, the sensitivity and feel of the click buttons determine how good these mice are for gaming. Budget models are usually in the same league as standard consumer mice, although certain models, such as Redragon’s M602 and FarSight’s gaming mouse stick out from the rest.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a budget gaming mouse?

In essence, a gamer with a budget gaming mouse should be looking out for an upgrade as soon as possible. The gaming mice in the lowest price range offer little in terms of durability and performance, and the vast majority of the models therein serve as backups.

How can you recognize a budget gaming model if there is no price tag?

Essentially, if the mouse looks, feels, and performs exactly the same as your average consumer-grade mouse and has a couple of extra buttons, it’s a budget ‘gaming’ mouse.

When looking for a budget gaming mouse, should I look for wired or wireless models?

Most people tend to ask this question only after they’ve purchased their first budget wireless gaming mouse, mainly because they get to learn the harder way – ‘budget’ and ‘wireless’ seldom go hand in hand. The logic behind this is quite simple actually, wireless technology is expensive technology, and implementing it on budget models means that something’s off.Plainly put, you should avoid the vast majority of budget wireless gaming mouse models, although the ones we’ve recommended in this review are exceptions.


The title of the ‘best budget gaming mouse’ goes to FarSight’s wireless gaming mouse. Even though it’s true that we wouldn’t recommend a wireless model at such a low price, this particular gaming mouse performed beyond our wildest expectations.

It packs numerous five adjustable buttons and five adjustable DPI switches on top the ergonomic design, and its wireless connection is perfectly stable and reliable. In fact, it could easily go toe to toe with a vast majority of high-tier professional gaming mouse models.