The Best Gaming Mouse in 2019 - Great Picks for Every Pocket

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Regardless of whether you like playing casual games or compete in E-sports, you need a gaming mouse. There are dozens and dozens of brands in this branch of the industry, so it’s quite obvious that you shouldn’t just pick up the first one you see. Luckily, we’re here with a list of the 10 best gaming mouse models you could get for the money.

We’ve included top-tier models from world-class leaders such as the Steel Series, Corsair and Logitech, but we’ve also prepared a little something for gamers that are on a stiff budget. Without any further ado, let’s see our top picks.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Models:​


  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Premium quality True Move 3 optical sensor
  • OLED display allows you to easily toggle sensitivity settings, even in-game
  • Built like a brick house
  • Huge value for the money


  • High-end, hence pricey
  • Only a handful of programmable buttons onboard

Let’s open up our review of the best gaming mice with SteelSeries’ Rival 710. Essentially, we chose this model for our best gaming mouse under 100 section, as it excels in practically every possible field of performance.

It packs a True Move 3 optical sensor that provides exceptionally accurate tracking, and combined with the 16k CPI sensitivity it’s your go-to mouse for FPS competitive games. Speaking of which, there’s a OLED display onboard which further simplifies the sensitivity customization settings.

There’s only a handful of programmable buttons onboard, but the good thing is that you can also customize the alerts and vibration patterns. It really comes in handy for MOBA and FPS games, as you can set one pattern for when you’re receiving damage and another when the objective points are endangered, for example.

In terms of comfort and design, it was made in a relatively straightforward way, so it’s very easy to use it. Additionally, both sides are rubberized so as to provide additional comfort.

Last, but certainly not least, the click durability of this mouse is almost unparalleled. Namely, each click is capable of surviving over 60 millions of clicks, which means that it will easily endure several tournament sessions.

It is a bit expensive, and the meagre number of programmable buttons can be perceived as a downfall, but its value is incredibly high due to several unique features it comes outfitted with.

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  • Very comfortable to use
  • Exceptional connectivity with three different modes
  • Custom PixArt optical sensor
  • Huge DPI sensitivity customization potential
  • Ten programmable buttons
  • Huge click durability


  • Big in size, not exactly suitable for players with smaller hands
  • Pricey

If you’ve had problems with cables constantly getting in your way of your gaming experience, perhaps it’s time to consider a wireless model. One of the best wireless gaming mouse models is Corsair’s Ironclaw.

Just like the name implies, one of the Ironclaw’s biggest advantages is its durability. Apart from being made from incredibly robust plastic materials, the Omron switches can withstand more than 50-million clicks.

What’s more, the ultra connectivity of this amazing gaming mouse allows you to adapt to any gaming environment. You can opt between the Slipstream Wireless tech, the low-latency Bluetooth, or the USB connection.

The Ironclaw packs a superb 18K DPI sensor, which means that it boasts ultra responsive sensitivity customization, as well as mega-precise tracking. There are 10 programmable buttons onboard, which are more than enough to suit any kind of game type or gaming style. Supports, damage dealers, jungle heroes, shooters – you’re set to go with this gaming mouse.

Lastly, this gaming mouse is highly comfortable to use. It features rubber sides and a thumb rest on the left side which reduces the overall hand fatigue during extremely tiring gaming sessions.

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  • Decently affordable
  • High click durability
  • Plenty of programmable buttons
  • Exceptional level of versatility


  • Mediocre comfort rating

Logitech’s gaming mice are some of the best on the market, and here we’re looking at the G520 Proteus Spectrum. Basically, this is our top pick in the best gaming mouse under 50, but it’s pretty safe to say that its performance is on par to models that cost up to $100.

Overall, this gaming mouse packs 11 programmable settings, 12K DPI customizable sensitivity, personalized balance tuning, and it’s practically weightless. In essence, it’s pretty uncommon to see a gaming mouse with the amount of versatility that this model has in this price point category.

In terms of comfort, it features a thumb rest on the left side, but since it’s completely made of plastic (and there are no rubber sides or anything similar), we could say that its comfort rating is mediocre at best.

Nevertheless, its value for the money is incredible, as it sports a huge level of versatility and customization potential. We highly recommend it to both professional and casual gamers.

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  • Three programmable buttons
  • 2,4K DPI sensitivity customization
  • Smooth rubber sides
  • Quite comfortable and easy to use
  • Decently accurate tracking


  • The features it comes supplied with make it best for beginners and casual gamers

We’re moving on to our top pick in the best budget gaming mouse category. Truth be told, many people have second thoughts when it comes to budget gaming gear, but the Infiltrate is a great example of the fact that there are quality products in this price range as well.

Aesthetic wise, it looks relatively simple and straightforward, but it does pack a wide array of premium quality features, such as the multi-color lights (not as great as RGB lightning effects though), four level of DPI intervals, smooth rubber sides, and the plug-n-play design. Let’s start from the beginning.

The fact that it was designed in such a plain fashion means that it’s great for casual gamers, as well as for people who’ve just ventured on the road to become semi professionals. It packs only three programmable buttons, which is pretty great considering the price.

Furthermore, the 2,4K DPI frankly isn’t much, but considering that this is a budget gaming mouse, the option to adjust your sensitivity on the fly is certainly a big plus. In terms of comfort rating, the plain design plus the rubber sides make the Infiltrate gaming mouse very comfortable to use.

Last, but certainly not least, the affordability of Infiltrate is purely awesome. In fact, maybe only a handful of models in the price range could top its performance. In our humble opinion, it holds a substantial value for the money.

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  • Virtually limitless customization potential
  • Unparalleled versatility
  • Huge DPI rating
  • Interchangeable side plates
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Hard to use

Razer’s got some of the most exquisite gaming mice you can get on the market, and the Naga Trinity is a great example of how innovative their engineers can be.

Basically, the uniqueness of Naga Trinity can be seen in its design. It can be a plain mouse with only two programmable settings, but it can also be a high-tier professional mouse with over 12 programmable settings. The best thing is that you get to choose how it plays out.

This gaming mouse comes with three interchangeable sides. The first features a rubberized layer and two jumbo-sized programmable buttons, the second side features a circular pattern of seven programmable buttons, whereas the third side features 12 programmable buttons arranged in four rows of three. The right side isn’t customizable and it packs a rubber layer and a finger rest platform.

Furthermore, it packs customizable RGB lightning profiles, and a ridged rubberized mouse wheel. The click durability is also awesome, as Naga Trinity can survive more than 50-million clicks.

Though Naga Trinity might not be the mouse you’ll find as easy to use, it’s one of the best professional gaming mice on the market right now.

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  • Exceptional versatility
  • Unique design
  • Easy button and user profile customization with the FLUX software
  • Highly durable OMRON switches and clicks
  • Relatively high DPI


  • You’ll need some time to get a hang of it

The RAT Pro S3 is certainly a professional gaming mouse, as most newbies would struggle to wrap their heads around it (let alone hands) due to the huge arsenal of features it comes supplied with.

This mouse comes with multiple programmable buttons, but what makes it so unique is the fact that it comes with dedicated movement keys as well. So, for certain games you won’t even need a keyboard at all.

It also features adjustable DPI which scales up to some 7,2K. It’s not too much, but it’s still relatively good. Furthermore, finding the right sensitivity and adjusting it mid-game shouldn’t be too hard, as the RAT Pro S3 comes with the FLUX software which lets the player customize user profiles, lightning patterns, and buttons in a very plain and straightforward way.

Furthermore, there are OMRON clicks onboard with the estimated durability of 50 million (perhaps even more) clicks. It’s hard to say whether this gaming mouse is comfortable to use ,though. It does feature finger rest platforms on each side, but its design is very peculiar. Most gamers would need a couple of days (if not weeks) to adjust to it.

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  • Exceptional versatility
  • 12 programmable buttons onboard
  • Pretty easy to use, despite of all the programmable features
  • Onboard storage for 3 pre-defined user profiles and actions
  • Quite durable


  • The lowest row of buttons isn’t so easy to access, so some would argue it’s even useless

If we’re to compare Corsair’s Scimitar Pro to anything, the first thing that comes to mind is Naga Trinity gaming mouse, simply due to the fact that both of these models have the same layout of programmable buttons. However, there are numerous differences between the two.

First of all, the Scimitar Pro is a bit more beginner friendly. If we’re to neglect the side where the programmable buttons are, this gaming mouse is pretty plain and simple in terms of design. That being said, it’s actually many times easier to use than the majority of pro tier gaming mice.

There are 12 optimized side buttons you can program however you see fit. Furthermore, the mouse features an onboard storage outfitted with macro playback where you can store up to 3 pre-defined user profiles. It comes in pretty handy for MMO and RPG games, as you can also bind macro and micro commands to it, not just keys.

Additionally, the Corsair’s Scimitar Pro packs a 16K DPI sensor that provides exceptionally fast and accurate tracking, as well as a 2m braided-fiber cable. Overall, this is an awesome mouse for gamers of all skill levels.

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  • 18 programmable settings
  • Five custom user profiles
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Very durable
  • Huge value for the money


  • The programmable buttons are slightly curved, so some of them aren’t so easy to use

If you liked Naga Trinity and Corsair’s Scimitar Pro but don’t have the money for them, the UtechSmart’s Venus might be a good substitute. This is basically a mouse that shares the same design with the aforementioned high-tier gaming mice, with one of the biggest differences between them being that the latter is more affordable.

Oddly enough, this gaming mouse features 16,4K DPI, which means that it’s better than many high-end models in terms of sensitivity customization.

There are 18 programmable buttons onboard, as well as five custom user profiles with distinct RGB lightning effects, an 8 piece weight-tuning set, and more than 16-million RGB lightning color options.

Furthermore, this gaming mouse was built from ultra durable plastic materials and it sports very durable OMRON switches that provide plenty of click durability. As far as the comfort rating goes, the Venus packs an ergonomic design complemented with the hand rest on the left side. It goes without saying, it’s very comfortable to use. All things considered, it’s a great gaming mouse for the money.

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  • Compact design
  • High-quality 16K optical sensor
  • Six DPI levels
  • RGB lightning effects with six user presets


  • Mediocre durability and comfort rating
  • Not exactly ideal for professional and competitive gaming

We’re slowly shifting away to more affordable models, and since we’ve already begun with the Venus, let’s just continue with Onikuma’s wireless gaming mouse along the same tracks.

First of all, this is a great mouse for casual gamers, though it’s not so great for competitive E-sports. There aren’t a lot of programmable features, but you’ll be able to utilize six DPI levels to find the optimal sensitivity. This gaming mouse packs a 16K 5G sensor which promises a lot in terms of accurate tracking.

It comes outfitted with RGB lightning modules and banks, which is what makes it so fun to use. Further on that note, it was designed in a very straightforward fashion, which only confirms our statement that it was intended for casual gamers.

In terms of durability and comfort, it’s quite mediocre. However, it’s still sturdier than most similarly priced models. Overall, this is a simple gaming mouse meant for simple games. If you’re a competitive gamer, this could serve as a good replacement in the best case scenario.

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  • Very affordable
  • Exceptional performance for the money
  • Five DPI settings and 7 programmable functions
  • Twelve RGB backlightning modes


  • Flimsy build

Let’s finish up with the most affordable pick in our selection, the Hiraliy’s F300 gaming mouse. In all fairness, this gaming mouse model is quite a breath of fresh air in the budget price point category. It packs some of the features that are practically reserved for high-end models, such as the multi-million RGB lightning effects, multiple levels of adjustable DPI levels, several programmable buttons, and such.

First of all, there are five DPI settings at your disposal, with the highest setting going up to 10K. There’s also a designated DPI button just below the wheel, so you can easily adjust the sensitivity even while you’re in the middle of your game.

Secondly, there are 7 programmable functions and five memory banks that allow you to save your macro and micro commands on a whim. There are 12 RGB lightning modes, so you can game in a professional gaming atmosphere.

Even though most professionals shy away from the budget price point category, the F300 is definitely intended for pros. It features rubberized sides, so it’s very comfortable to use it, the programmable settings are easily accessible, and with the high DPI values (as well as a dedicated button) its sensitivity customization is huge in comparison to similarly priced models.

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Category Breakdown

We did mention that there are so many brands that offer different kind of gaming mice, so what’s the first thing that separates the best from the rest? It’s the price tag. Budget gaming mice are for casual gamers whereas top-tier models are practically ‘pro exclusive’, but there are other factors that come into play. Let’s break the categories down so you know what to expect from the models contained therein.

‘Budget’ Gaming Mice Under $25

The budget category is where you look for a gaming mouse if you really can’t afford a better one and your stock model just ended up dying on you.

The gaming mice in this price range offer very little overall, they perform the worst, they’re the least durable models, and only one in every thousand models come outfitted with any sort of exceptional feature. However, if you look very closely you might find quite a few high-value models, such as for example Enhance’ Infiltrate, FarSight’s 2.4G wireless gaming mouse, Logitech’s G203 Prodigy, and such.

Overall, here you can find models that either don’t belong here since their performance is on par with boutique level models, or gaming mice that won’t get you beyond single-player offline games.

‘Mid-priced’ Gaming Mice Under $50

What can you expect from a mid-priced gaming mouse? The question is relatively difficult to answer as this price range is the most ‘populated’ one, so to speak.

The gaming mice in this price range always come with at least one exquisite feature. For example, the Logitech’s G502 Proteus Spectrum features personalized balance tuning and 12K DPI sensitivity customization, the Cooler Master packs a honeycomb textured design, and so on.

Essentially, most gaming mice in this price point category perform quite great. They usually have a high click durability and several levels of DPI settings, their tracking is quite good, and usually they sport an ergonomic design.

However, every category has its exceptions. If we take a look at the Razer’s Lancehead, we might conclude (at first sight) that this is a low-budget gaming mouse simply because it doesn’t really look fancy enough. However, it packs a high-precision optical sensor, an ambidextrous design, and offers plenty of comfort with fully rubberized sides.

In essence, the price point category of under $50 tends to be full of surprises, so keep an eye out open for extraordinary models, regardless of how well hidden they are.

‘High-end Gaming Mice Under $100

The ‘boutique’ price point category, or the price range of under $100 is where professionals and semi-pros find their gear. It goes without saying, there are gaming mice that cost well above $100, but unless you have sponsors, you don’t really need to spend such a fortune on a mouse.

Generally, this price range houses the smallest number of gaming mice, so even though there’s less models to choose from, it’s a bit harder to decide which one is the best as they all excel in various fields of performances.

Let’s take the Razer brand for an example, as it’s one of the biggest names in the industry. Their Naga Trinity is one of the most versatile models you could get for the money, and it barely costs above $50. With 19 programmable features and interchangeable sides, a rubberized design and incredible click durability, most people would think that it doesn’t really get much better than this.

On another hand, Razer’s Mamba costs more but looks inferior to it. ‘Looks’ might be the word that could deceive you, as this model offers a huge amount of customizable macro and micro functions, and not to mention that it comes supplied with an upgraded, superior optical sensor with remarkably accurate tracking capabilities.

Overall, this price point category is where you should begin your search for the best gaming mouse if you don’t mind parting with a small fortune. The models you can find here are top-tier, and you can rest assured that you can’t make a mistake regardless for which model you opt for.

Wireless Gaming Mice

The wireless gaming mice are scattered throughout all the price ranges. There are budget wireless models, there are mid-priced wireless models, and there are high-end wireless models, so what separates them between each other?

Basically, the wireless technology is a very delicate thing. It’s not that this is a universal piece of tech and whoever got their hands on it could implement it in a one-sided way. The fact that different brands possess different kinds of wireless technology is the reason why a $15 wireless mouse is nowhere near as good as a $50 one.

In a nutshell, the cheaper the wireless mouse is, the lower its reliability is. Additional factors that should be taken into account are, of course, the click longevity, the sensor a mouse packs, its overall durability, and so on.

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Mice

The qualities you should be looking out for vary from price range to price range. For example, you can’t expect a budget gaming mouse to perform on the same scale as a high-end model, so it’s obvious that the criteria is moving accordingly as you jump from one category to the next.

However, there are a couple of universal factors that don’t change, regardless of how pricey or affordable the model is. Let’s take a look.


With the exception of the cheapest models in the budget section, durability is of the utmost importance. A flimsy mouse forfeits all the other benefits it could potentially provide to you, especially in the gaming world. Simply put, it’s way better to invest a bit more in a bit pricier model than to buy a flimsy model that will get broken and thrown away after a couple of weeks.

Most gaming mice are, of course, made from plastic components, and that includes both the exterior and the hardware components. Some brands, however, use sturdier plastic materials, whereas most underdog brands use the cheapest, most available type.

On the other hand, in most cases you could tell a flimsy model apart from a durable one by simply taking a look at how it was designed. Low-end gaming mice are usually smaller and have click buttons sticking out a bit.

Speaking of which, we should not confuse the overall durability of a gaming mouse with ‘click durability’, which basically refers to ‘how many times you can click before you bash the button in’.

Intended Use

There are numerous gaming mice that are meant for everyone, regardless of the skill level of a gamer, but on the other hand, there are specialized models that were tailor made for professional gamers. If we take a look at catalogs of Mad Catz, for example, we could easily deduce that all of their R.A.T. models are designed for a gamer’s hand.

If you intend to upgrade your factory mice because you grow tired of it, pretty much any other model will do. Alternatively, if you’re a professional gamer, in most cases you should skip the ‘budget’ price range and all the models therein.

Comfort Rating

An uncomfortable mouse will annoy any person, regardless of whether it’s a pro gamer or a person who simply wishes to do a round of tetris after their 8-hour shift. That’s why popular brands implement the ‘rubberized sides’ feature.

Plastic, regardless of how well it is molded and shaped, doesn’t really feel all too natural and comfortable to the hand. That’s the reason why rubber sides contribute to the overall comfort rating. On a side note, most professional gaming mice have the finger rest platform which also pumps up the rating.


The number of onboard features doesn’t necessarily determine how good a gaming mouse is. For example, the Naga Trinity has plenty of programmable buttons and numerous other relatively exquisite features onboard, but what good will it do to a beginner who can barely get a hold of the two clicks and the middle button?Alternatively, a professional gamer who relies on micro and macro management can’t use a regular 3-click mouse to put his (or her) plan into action. In that light, pick the mouse in accord to your gaming needs.


With such a large number of gaming mice to choose from, many gamers are struggling to find the perfect model that will fit into their playing style. However, with a bit of know-how which we provided for you in the section above, you will be able to tell a good model from those that don’t deserve your attention (and money). We hope that you’ve liked our selection of the top 10 gaming mice you can find on the market and wish you good luck in your search!