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We’ve noticed that more and more gamers are switching over to wireless headsets, and for a good reason. After all, There have been hundreds upon hundreds of situations where a cable has lost a match of Counter Strike or Fortnite, and you might even know how frustrating that can be.

Encountering the enemy makes you really focused and centered, but all of that gets replaced by frustration when you realize that your headphone’s cable just got disconnected all of a sudden. That’s quite possibly the very the reason why we sat down, sifter through today’s market, and picked the best wireless gaming headsets for you. Without any further ado, let’s get to the reviews.

Top 7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets:​


  • Exceptional durability and plenty of comfort
  • Immersive sound performance
  • Various additional features such as the rotating ear cups and LED effects


  • Pricey

We’re starting off with HyperX’s Cloud Flight. This puppy is one of the best options you could get for the money, however, be prepared to possibly save up some cash as it’s in the higher price tier.

First of all, the device packs a tremendous set of drivers that deliver a very immersive sound performance. Furthermore, over 30 hours of battery lifespan ensure that you will probably never encounter any battery issues as long as you charge them on a regular basis. It should be noted that the battery is several times more powerful than average.

The headset is remarkably durable, made of highly robust plastic and leather materials. Further on that point, the ear cups feature high-end plushy foam materials that are comfortable to wear even for hours at a time.

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  • Tremendous sound quality provided by the S1 speakers
  • One of the best gaming microphones on the market, the ClearCast mic
  • Immersive Surround sound technology
  • 24 hours of battery


  • Not cheap

Next up is the Arctis 7 by the Steel Series. We are looking at the third iteration of the flagship Arctis model from this brand, commonly considered the second best model by this company, topped only by the Arctis Pro.

Basically, the product sports one of the finest gaming microphones, the ClearCast mic, allowing exceptional ambient noise reduction. On top of that, the sound quality is absolutely phenomenal, powered by the Steel Series S1 drivers and 7.1 surround sound technology.

The set offers 24 hours of battery life – inferior to our top pick, but still more than enough for you to game all day and all night. The price tag is a bit higher than average, but the item still packs a huge bang for the buck.

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  • Outstanding drivers provide exceptional sound quality
  • Unparalleled comfort provided by the comfort ear pads
  • 15 hours of battery lifetime
  • Top value for the money


  • The surround sound technology features only available for Windows OS
  • Relatively pricey

Here we are looking at Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600, a great option when it comes to quality gaming headsets under $100. One of the great things about this gaming device is the ear pad design. Namely, the cups are specifically designed to put up the least amount of clamping pressure, so you can set your expectations high in terms of comfort.

Sound-wise, the Stealth 600 is powered by an exquisite set of drivers that deliver exceptional sonic performance. This headset is manufactured from highly durable plastic materials and was obviously built to last.

The battery lifespan goes up to full 15 hours, which is not as great as our previous two picks, but still quite well above the average. Just make sure to charge them regularly and you’ll be just fine.

The only problem with these headphones is connectivity. Namely, you’ll only be able to utilize the Surround Sound technology features if you’re playing on the Windows operating system. Even so, due to the all the benefits it brings to the table, the Stealth 600 is still highly valuable for the money.

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  • Great sonic performance provided by the 50mm neodymium magnets
  • Excellent comfort rating
  • Padded headband and plushy ear cups
  • Dual microphone system and the microphone monitoring feature


  • Relatively flimsy

Though Lucid Sound might not be a brand that’s as famous as Audio-Technica or Logitech, their LS31 model is certainly one of the best gaming headsets you can get for the money.

These headphones feature improved compatibility with various platforms (unlike the Stealth 600) and deliver tremendous and immersive sonic qualities backed by the 50mm neodymium drivers. The only downfall is that you’ll need a cable if you want to use the Xbox’s live-chat feature, but luckily the brand has provided one in the bundle.

In terms of comfort, the LS31 features an incredibly comfortable padded headband and a decent set of ear cups. Additionally, there are two microphones, as well as the microphone monitoring feature onboard, so you can expect the most complete, most immersive in-game experience.

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  • Excellent connectivity
  • One of the best sounding gaming headsets out there
  • Rechargeable 15-hour battery charge
  • Superb comfort rating


  • Smaller ear cups design means increased clamping pressure, possibly causing ear fatigue

Logitech is a huge brand in the headphone industry. It’s safe to say that they’ve brought plenty of innovative technologies to the market, and you should not be surprised they have a representative on our rundown – the G533.

The device comes outfitted with the exquisite Pro-G drivers and surround sound technology that has the potential to reshape your perception in-game sounds.

Further on that point, the sound quality of these headphones promises lossless audio transmission and high fidelity sonic performance with connection that spans up to fifteen meters.

They were specifically designed to provide as much comfort as possible, as can be seen with the fully padded ear cups and headband. The G533 is compatible with most versions of Windows and Mac OS, so connectivity is great as well. With up to 15 hours of battery lifetime, you can rest assured that they won’t die out on you mid-game.

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  • Unique aesthetic component
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
  • Decent battery lifespan and operating wireless range
  • Superb sound quality


  • Great price

Corsair’s Void Pro headset was designed for a hardcore gamer. The outward appearance of these headphones is, at the very least awe inspiring and unique. However, these cans are not just about the looks.

The Void Pro comes supplied with mesh-fabric and foam material pads all over, so they’re possibly among the most comfortable headphones within the price range. Speaking of which, they’re not as pricey as our previous picks.

These headphones pack 50mm neodymium drivers of which we spoke about earlier, so you can rest assured that they provide a very strong and well-balanced sound. Furthermore, they pack 16 hours battery lifespan and have a 40 feet operating range.

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  • Decent sound quality, great for the money
  • Quite durable overall
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Moderate ear clamping pressure


  • The joints between the headband and ear cups are flimsy

Let’s wrap things up with One Audio’s wireless over ear headphones. Basically, this is a set of cans that’s absolutely ideal for gamers that are on a tight budget.

Their sound is great, powered by the 50mm speakers, and the soundstage is characterized with a deep bass and crispy highs. In terms of durability, they’re quite robust, although the joints that connect the cups to the headband are rather delicate.

Even though these are only budget headphones, they have a battery lifespan of 30 hours per charge. They also have a high quality microphone and pack a decent ambient noise reduction technology.

However, all of the features we’ve mentioned can’t really compare to the higher end models such as the HyperX Cloud headset or Stealth 600. Be it as it may, they’re well worth the buck and are numbered among the best budget gaming headsets.

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What to look for in a wireless gaming headset

There are only a couple of things that separate wireless headphone models between each other, so let’s start from the top.

Battery lifetime

There are casual gamers that only game for about a couple of hours a day. On another hand, there are gamers that spend whole days and nights in front of their PCs and laptops. If you’re a real gamer, having a set of headphones that can only last about 8-10 hours won’t mean much. That’s why we’ve included models with at least 15 hours of battery juice.


A good headphone set needs to be durable, regardless of whether it is wired or wireless. Cans that break after a couple of months are not worth the cash. Since most gaming headsets are made of plastic materials, it’s important to check the joints that connect the ear cups to the headband, as these are usually the spots where headphones break.

On another hand, the headbands are also very susceptible to damage if they’re not elastic enough.


Like we mentioned earlier, true gamers spend quite some time in front of their PCs or laptops. Most over-ear headphones put up a certain amount of clamping pressure, so it’s only natural to feel a bit of ear fatigue after an hour or two, let alone more. That’s the reason why comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to wireless headphone sets.

The ones we recommended in our review all come with a bit larger cups that envelop the ear rather than pressure it. Furthermore, these models are also outfitted with a variety of pads and cushions that provide additional comfort to the wearer.


While we’re on the subject of comfort, it should be pointed out that the size of wireless models is typically larger than their cabled counterpart. The reason behind this is the fact that wireless devices carry in-built batteries and circuitry, requiring additional space. Interestingly enough – and thanks to the technological advanements of today – wireless models still tend to be quite light, even lighter than cabled headsets.

Sound quality

The importance of sound quality should be self-explanatory. You wouldn’t be able to find much use from ultra comfortable and stylish headset if the audio transmission isn’t good, would you? Look out for headphone sets that pack powerful drivers. Additionally, it’s quite important to have a headphone set with a decent ambient noise reduction technology for gaming, especially if you’re playing in a playroom full of other people (that are usually quite loud themselves).

To get a bit more specific, we’d say that Surround Sound technology is a must for all the fans of first-person shooters and similar immersive genres. If you want to experience a true immersion, the sonic quality must be top-notch, and a full 7.1 surround support will bring you just that. A buying tip: search for devices packed with plenty of drivers in each earcup, as each of them offers a bit of a different angle, securing more audio precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average battery lifespan of a wireless gaming headset?

This question is quite difficult to answer because the technology advances at a rapid rate. A couple of years ago the standard battery lifespan of a wireless headset used to be 6 to 8, but nowadays it’s approximately 10 to 12 due to the high-end models sort of breaking the boundaries with over 30 hours of battery lifetime.

How does a wireless gaming headset work? Are they reliable?

Most gaming headsets pack Bluetooth technology, and those are almost by default reliable. The same thing can be said about the headsets that pack their own receivers and transmitters, but in this case the issue of reliability varies from brand to brand.

Why should I consider getting a wireless gaming headset?

There are many benefits that wireless headsets provide. Apart from the convenience of not having to deal with tangy cables, the majority of brands are focused on the wireless headphone market, so advanced drivers are coming out almost each week. On the opposite end, most of the studio headphone manufacturers are focused on improving wired headphones, so as a gamer, you should definitely be looking out for wireless cans.

As a gamer, should I buy open-back or closed-back headset?

Audiophiles and music fans might start a different kind of debate here, but when it comes to gaming, it’s basically a matter of personal preference. If you want to be in the game, but still remain aware of what’s happening in the room you’re playing in, open-back headsets are your pick. They will allow you to let the world around you reach you, but without fully compromising the in-game sounds. Also, these models tend to breathe better, increasing comfort and cooling the temperature down.

As for the closed-back devices, they are a top choice for players operating in noisy environments such as gaming tournaments or massive gaming rooms. They will also engage you more by completely cutting out the souds of the outside world, allowing you to devote your full attention to the events in the world of gaming. However, they also increase moisture and temperature, ultimately reducing comfort.

Will all wireless gaming headsets be compatible with my setup?

Pretty much every headset out there can easily be connected to a PC or Mac device. However, connectivity issues might occur to a less degree when operating with gaming consoles.

When you plug the device in, its on-board hardware automatically activates the drivers, which determine the sonic quality and a wide range of audio settings. Essentially, “drivers” is a common term to describe software that instructs your headset how to operate. They are of crucial importance when it comes to compatibility. Anyhow, we reckon that the products we’ve listed here should have no problem connecting to the vast majority of devices used for gaming these days.


In our humble opinion, HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset wins the day. It’s one of the best high-end wireless headphones that you can get in terms of connectivity, sound quality, durability, and comfort. To top it all, it also packs superior battery, as well as a plethora of additional convenience features, such as the rotatable ear cup design, LED effects, adjustable slider, and detachable ambient noise reduction microphone.