The 10 Best Gaming Headsets - Complete Your Experience

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If you’re looking for the best gaming headsets, you’ve come to the right place, kind sir or madam. We’ve scrounged the market far and wide and have come up with the list of top 10 highest value models from world-class brands such as Hyper X, Sennheiser, and Alienware. Of course, we also included a couple of models from underdog brands, so let’s see what we have in store for you today. Let’s dive right into it!

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets:​


  • High quality sound performance
  • Microphone is very easy to use and boasts premium sound cancelling features
  • Comfortable earpads with Cloud X patented ear cushions
  • Onboard volume controls


  • Mediocre durability

Let’s open up our review of the best gaming headsets with Hyper X Cloud Stinger. Though it is only a budget gaming headset model, it comes outfitted with a wide array of premium quality features.

First of all, this headset is very light and it’s exceptionally comfortable to wear because of it. The ear muffs are quite plushy, they’re outfitted with Hyper X’ signature foam, and they’re sized just about right so as to not put up too much clamping pressure. However, there are no pads on the headband, but even so the Cloud Stinger’s comfort rating is pretty great.

In terms of sound, this gaming headset is powered by 50mm speakers which complement the already well-balanced soundstage. Sound wise, these cans sound awesome, as there’s plenty of bass, treble, and highs to go about. Furthermore, there’s also an onboard volume control button, so you can adjust it even while you’re in the middle of the game.

Additionally, there’s an onboard microphone with a decent ambient noise reduction technology feature. You can turn it on and off by swivelling it, so instead of chasing the button this is a pretty convenient way to use it.

Overall, the Cloud Stinger is definitely one of the best budget gaming headset models you could get in this price range, so we highly recommend it to all gamers regardless of their skill level.

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  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Premium quality sound performance
  • Comes outfitted with surround sound features
  • Great noise cancellation microphone


  • Quite pricey

Here we have yet another model from Hyper X, the Cloud II. It’s safe to say that this is an improved version of the Cloud Stinger, as it offers better sound quality, a more durable frame, and enhanced comfort rating.

The first difference between the two can be seen in the driver chip. While Cloud Stinger is outfitted with 50mm magnets, the Cloud II packs a set of 53mm Neodymium speaker magnets which sound even better in comparison.

By simply looking at the design of the Cloud II gaming headset we can safely deduce that it offers a substantially higher amount of comfort. The ear muffs are bigger, and the entire headband is covered with incredibly comfortable leather material. Furthermore, the clamping pressure this gaming headset puts up is substantially lower, so you can wave goodbye to ear fatigue.

In terms of sound quality, the Cloud II packs a 7.1 Surround Sound technology, which is absolutely amazing for gaming. You will be able to hear every single game sound in great detail, which really comes in handy for games such as Counter Strike and Dota 2.

All things considered, the Cloud II is probably the best gaming headset under 100 dollars.

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  • Exquisite outward appearance
  • Huge comfort rating
  • Long wireless connection range
  • Unparalleled sound quality


  • The only problem is that it costs quite a bit, even for a boutique level gaming headset

We’re moving towards the boutique price point category, and it’s safe to say that there are plenty of high-tier gaming headsets that you could label as the best gaming headset under 200 dollars in this price range.

However, Alienware’s AW 988 sticks out from the bunch with unmatched sonic performance, comfort rating, design, and pretty much by excelling in very performance category possible.

It packs customizable RGB lightning features with 2 zones, as well as personalized user profiles and banks. On top of that, the headset itself looks very modern and cool, so you’ll be easily spotted by talent scouts on practically any tournament where they’re present.

Now, performance wise, this gaming headset packs Alienware’s patented surround sound technology backed with a set of ultra performance drivers. Simply put, the sound you’ll get from these headphones is probably the best you’ll be able to squeeze out for the money. Speaking of which, the AW988 is quite expensive, but it holds a massive value for the money.

In terms of comfort, this gaming headset features a pair of oversized highly comfortable ear muffs which put up minimal clamping pressure. Needless to say, you’ll be able to go on with your gaming for hours without experiencing any sort of ear fatigue.

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  • Top grade sound quality
  • Built to last
  • Extremely reliable wireless connection
  • Long lasting battery
  • Swivelling ear cups


  • Slightly less comfortable to wear

There are so many headphone models with a tag such as the best wireless gaming headset, but in truth, the majority of wireless cans are not really reliable. Alternatively, a good bulk of the headphone brands in the budget and mid price point categories invest very little in terms of wireless connection, so picking a good model is quite hard.

Luckily, Hyper X made the Cloud ‘Flight’, which is basically a gaming headset that offers all the usual benefits onboard with the addition of quality wireless connection of 2.4 gigahertz.

It comes supplied with a long lasting battery which can survive up to full 30 hours per charge, so needless to say, you’re set to compete, play your games casually, or polish your skills, or all of these combined, you’ll have time before the bats run out of juices.

The construction of the Cloud Flight is very similar to that of the Stinger and Cloud II. It’s very durable and exceptionally comfortable to wear. The pads are very plushy and what’s more, they can swivel up to 90 degrees so that you can find the perfect fit in no time.

The onboard volume controls and noise cancelling microphone are a big plus to any gamer who relies on communication too. Basically, the only problem with it is that it doesn’t have a leather headband like the Cloud II, so its overall comfort rating is slightly lower in comparison. However, it’s exceptionally valuable for the money due to its excellent sound quality, durability, and wireless technology.

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  • Top grade sound quality
  • Noise cancelling onboard microphone and integrated volume settings
  • Remarkably comfortable to wear


  • The velvet on the ear cups and the headband can make you sweat a bit more than you’re used to

Sennheiser is one of the biggest names in the headphone industry, and we present to you their Game One gaming headset. Basically, this brand earned their reputation with their studio headphones – many musicians rely on their technology to get the best sound they could possibly get from Sennheiser cans. However, they’ve branched out a bit and utilized their premium technologies in the gaming world too.

In that light, you should expect quite a lot from this gaming headset. Its sound quality is characterized with impeccable bass response, clear mids, and very crispy highs. Furthermore, this is probably one of the most comfortable gaming headsets available on the market, as both the ear cups and the headband are covered with plushy velvet material. The cups are also fairly big, so the clamping pressure is minimal.

These gaming headphones also feature a high quality ambient noise cancelling mic onboard which can be turned on and off with a simple click, even mid-game. Furthermore, the integrated volume settings allow you a bit extra control over the in-game sounds.

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  • Great sound quality
  • Decent sound isolation
  • Proprietary S1 driver chip
  • Excellent comfort rating for the price


  • Improved versions exist (at a higher price, though)
  • The cable isn’t overly durable, so invest extra care during the maintenance process

Steel Series Arctis model iterations have stirred up quite a bit of dust on the market, so we’ve decided to review the Arctis 3 – the most affordable model among the five currently available on the market. First of all, even though this is the original version and pretty much every other can be considered as an upgraded one, the Arctis 3 is still a pretty formidable gaming headset.

This gaming headset comes outfitted with the S1 driver which was specifically designed to combat distortion and feedback atop of providing a fairly well balanced sound stage. The bass is quite deep, the mids are present, and the highs don’t hiss, so its sound performance is pretty good for the money.

Comfort wise, these headphones do an amazing job. The cups are very plushy, and they’re also covered in a very gentle layer which prevents excessive sweating.

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  • Tremendously great sound quality
  • 7.1 Virtual surround sound technology
  • Retractable omni-directional microphone
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Minimal clamping pressure


  • Weak connector joints
  • Mediocre durability

Now, Choyur is an underdog brand with a lot to prove, but we’re pretty confident that Sades is more than capable of holding its own ground when pitted against similarly priced gaming headsets.

First of all, this is a budget gaming headphone set that comes outfitted with 7.1 virtual surround sound technology, which is pretty great for a start. Its soundstage is decently well balanced, being a bit punchier in terms of bass. Furthermore, the Sades headset comes supplied with 53 mm Neodymium drivers which greatly complement the already-great sound quality.

Let’s talk a bit about comfort it provides. The earcups are covered in microfiber mesh and foam while the headband packs bumper pads for a more personalized fit. Overall, they’re great for gamers because you won’t feel any sort of fatigue (or clamping pressure) for hours and hours.

Additionally, there’s a retractable omni-directional microphone onboard with a LED indicator for the mute button. It sports superb ambient noise reduction for the money, so you shouldn’t worry about static or any sort of external feedback.

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  • Pretty solid sound considering the price
  • Rather affordable
  • Formidable in terms of durability
  • Exceptionally comfortable to wear
  • Minimal ear clamping pressure


  • Designed for girl gamers exclusively

We didn’t want to forget about lady gamers, so we’re introducing you to Somic’s G951S stereo gaming headset.

First of all, the G951S headset packs passive ambient noise reduction technology. Its ear cups were specifically designed to contain the sound within, which obviously works both ways – you won’t get annoyed or lose your focus even if there are people yelling or listening to loud music around you.

In terms of sound, this headset is pretty decent for the price, but in comparison to the models we’ve reviewed so far it isn’t exactly the best. Namely, it packs 40mm speaker chips that provide a robust sound, though it easily would welcome a boost in the bass section.

In terms of comfort, these headphones are just as plushy as they look. The ear cups feature protein leather materials and the headband packs a self-adjusting suspension mechanism, so it’s pretty safe to say that the G951S is among the most comfortable headsets in the budget price point category.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s not forget about the aesthetic part. These cans look absolutely adorable, and even though a professional gamer would probably shy away from it, girl gamers are most likely to think of it as a perfect gift.

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  • Excellent sound quality
  • 7.1 Surround sound technology
  • Great compatibility
  • Rugged cable design


  • Not overly durable
  • No pads on the headband

There are not as many great models in the budget price range as we’d like to think, but every once in a while a model such as EKSA’s E900 comes along. This headset is a great example of how you could benefit from great sound quality without having to pay a fortune for it.

Apart from the obvious benefit of affordability, the E900 also brings the 7.1 virtual surround sound technology to the table. It’s highly compatible with most modern operating systems and software, including PCs, Xboxes, Nintendo Switches, Laptops, and even smart phones (for phone gamers).

As far as its comfort rating goes, these headphones sport a set of rather plushy ear cups, although the headband is bare, so it might feel a bit off after a couple of hours. Lastly, they’re not as durable as most of the cans we’ve seen so far, although they’re pretty robust for a budget gaming headset.

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  • They sound good for the money
  • Pretty durable
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Noise cancellation mic with onboard volume controls
  • Very affordable


  • Weak speaker drivers

Let’s pull the curtain down with Beexcellent’s gaming headset. Basically, this is the most affordable option we’re recommending to you, so if your budget is really tight and you are looking for a decent gaming headset, this might be what you’re after.

The sound quality of Beexcellent’s headphones is pretty good for the money. They’re outfitted with 40mm neodymium drivers that boast an enhanced bass response, but the rest of the soundstage isn’t really exemplary in any way.

They’re very comfortable to wear due to the protein leather muffs, and for a budget gaming headset they’re built like a brick house. Another benefit these headphones bring to the table is the ambient noise reduction microphone which sports an integrated volume control button.

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Category Breakdown

Budget Gaming Headset

Basically, the best budget gaming headset can’t offer you much, but more often than not they get the job done. The headphones in this price range are usually flimsy, but there are a couple of exceptions, such as the Cloud Stinger for example. In terms of sound and exceptional features, you shouldn’t expect much.

However, models such as the Eksa’s E900 do come with surround sound technology, for all it’s worth. In conclusion, the majority of budget gaming headsets are mediocre at best, with a couple of exceptions that we’ve covered in our review.

Mid Priced Gaming Headset

The best gaming headsets under 100 are several times better than budget models in pretty much every field of performance. They’re made of more durable plastic, they generally have a more balanced soundstage, and it’s not so uncommon to see a model outfitted with exquisite features, such as the Cloud II, for example. You’re free to expect quite a bit from these cans, and in most cases they won’t disappoint.

High End Gaming Headset

The best gaming headsets under 200 are essentially top-grade headphones that most professionals use. They offer impeccable sound quality, absolutely zero feedback, pack some of the most advanced technologies in terms of surround sound tech and ambient noise reduction, so it pretty much doesn’t get better than that. If you’re willing to part with a small fortune, this is the place you should start your search.

Wireless Gaming Headset

The wireless gaming headsets are scattered through all the price point categories. You may find a budget model with this kind of technology, a mid priced one, and of course, a good number of high-end models are wireless as well.

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Headsets

Gaming headphones are in many ways different to the cans you’d use to listen to your music. They need to sound a bit better, they need to be a bit heavier on the bass, and, believe it or not, they need to be sturdy as a brick wall. Let’s see what you should be on the lookout for when searching for the best gaming headsets.


A durable headset that doesn’t sound particularly great is still better than the best-sounding cans that break after a month. That’s the sole reason why we think that durability is the number one factor you should take into consideration when you search for a headset.

Sound Performance

The quality of sound your headphones can provide for you will determine whether you hear the enemy footsteps, the alarms when the intruders are laying siege to your base, and if you’ll recognize an ally from a foe. If possible, look for headsets that pack surround sound technology as it will make your gaming experience several times more immersive.

Comfort Rating

Gamers tend to spend hours in front of their small screens, and the fastest way to lose patience is to get reminded that your headset in uncomfortable every time your gaming match goes awry. There are many models that come with plushy ear cups, and most of the top models feature a sort of pad reinforcement on the headband, so keep your eye open for such cans.


If you’re mainly a single-player gamer, you probably don’t need a microphone. However, if you’re into competitive gaming, coordination is the key to victory, so make sure to supply yourself with a headset that comes outfitted with a decent mic. Most top tier models feature omni-directional and retractable microphones.


Even though there are many categories, and obviously many different criteria for the best gaming headsets, the Alienware’s AW988 is our ‘best overall’ pick. It sounds the best, it’s made from the sturdiest plastic materials, and it offers the highest level of comfort for the buck. Speaking of which, it also costs the most, so we highly recommend that you start saving up some money for it, if you are looking for the best of the best, that is.